Andrew kogolenok

Andrew Kogolenok


Andrew KoGolenok is an actor born in Minsk, Belarus. There wasn’t much work for young Andrew so at the age of 17 he moved to America to pursue an acting career. On arrival, he signed with a talent agent (Ezme Arana) and a manager (Wayne Gasser) and has since been in 2 feature films, 6 short films, 3 plays, a musical, a web series, and 2 music videos.

Andrew’s career began in 2007 when was a dancer in pop and contemporary genres and performed all over Belarus for nearly 5 years. He then became fascinated by filmmaking when he wrote his first film at the age of 13. Andrew was inspired to enroll in a film and acting school where he starred in, wrote, and directed student projects. At the age of 15, he was encouraged to pursue an acting career by his acting coach. Upon his arrival to America, an agent scouted him on social media and offered to represent him. Andrew speaks 3 languages: English, Belarusian, and Russian.

Andrew’s first big role was Calvin Rose in the feature film “Hold Me Softly” (2021). It was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona, and produced by Berber Productions. Since then Andrew has also performed in the play “An Adjustment of Love” at the New York Theater Festival in November of 2021. In January of 2022, he portrayed Vince in “The Blood Orange” (an off-off-broadway musical). In May of 2022, he starred in an episode for a web series “My Nineties.” In September of 2022, Andrew is making his off-Broadway debut in the play “The Dark Stone” by Alberto Conejero. In October of 2022, Andrew is returning to work with director Ina Bailey on her 2nd feature film “Wander, Woman”. Andrew is playing Chase Greyhound, the protagonist who turns out to be an antagonist.